Digging New Boreholes

Water is the most vital human need, but more than a “billion” people around the world are struggling to reach it. Nearly 5,000 children die every day due to water pollution. More than 2 billions of world's population lacks sanitation facilities and clean drinking water.

Travelling on foot for at least 3 kilometers away from home, twice a day, to get water is a daily task for Ugandan children since they learn how to walk. Childhood in Uganda means spending more than 6 hours of the day going back and forth to the pond through roads full of snakes and dangerous animals carrying gallons of water for the basic needs of the family. Thus consuming more than 6 hours back and forth to it! Unfortunately, the water brought by the child from the pond is often filled with disease and insects!

Digging boreholes is their rescue and solution. That's AWTAD's major priority.

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