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Hands Of Hope education


Visually impaired Students have the right to learn too !

Unfortunately without your help & support they can’t !

Be one of the soldiers behind the success of the visually impaired students by typing out their study books in word documents.

Good deeds cannot be limited by geographic boundaries. Hands Of Hope is a global project which serves visually impaired students in any country. The books can be in any language and about any subject. What really matters is to let them move forward and achieve their goals.

If you are free to type for few hours, please send us an email at handsofhope@awtadngo.org, mentioning your mobile number and the number of pages that you can type.

Here is how it works:
A typing event is announced on our facebook page.
The book is already scanned and divided into pages.
Volunteers should send a request email to handsofhope@awtadngo.org, mentioning their mobile number and the number of pages they can type in the specified duration of the event.
Each volunteer receives by email a set of scanned pages in .PDF, .JPG, or .GIF format.
The volunteer types the pages in a Microsoft word document and emails the typed document back to us.
We gather the pages and check the final document then send it to be printed on a Braille printer.

Please note: If you don’t submit your file on time, unfortunately THE WHOLE BOOK WILL BE DELAYED !

Join us to change a life and give HOPE ♥

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